Have Some More Questions?

Will there be extensive construction work at my home?

Installing a solar system is easy and hassle free! We do not break walls or dig into floors, once the system is installed on your rooftop, we connect it to the nearest electricity distribution panel and you can start using its power immediately.

How much space will the system require?

Typically, the system would occupy as little as 50 m2 on your roof.
We think solar panels look great on anybody’s rooftop but we also offer innovative design solutions at affordable costs to include a pergola or other aesthetics that you may require for your roof top.

Do solar panels work when it's cloudy or raining, and how does the weather affect solar power production?

Solar energy is completely reliant on the sun’s radiation. We are lucky to be in a country where we almost have 365 days of sun, so that should not be something to worry about. Your house or establishment is still connected to the grid so on this rare unlucky cloudy day you will still get electricity from the grid.

Will I stop getting any electricity bills from the electricity company?

In most cases, the answer is yes, but this is entirely dependent on your consumption and the performance of the Solar system ( which depends on the availability of the sun ), in general, you should expect up to 90-100% removal of your electricity bill. In some cases, the electricity company will bill you for your “ net” consumption of power. If you used more electricity than your system produced you’ll owe the utility company a negligible amount (<300 EPG) that will be calculated at the tariff bracket of low-income users.

What if my solar panels malfunction? Will I ever lose power at my home?

It is extremely unlikely that your solar panels fail, we use the highest grade of the best technology available in the market and they are fully guaranteed. In the unlikely event of the solar panel failure, you are still connected to the grid and will consume your needs from the grid similar to your “ pre-solar” days.
All solar systems are constantly monitored by our expert team of solar specialists and we are immediately notified with any issues in the output which we will work to fix immediately. Having said no, this situation has never happened in more than 3 years of operation.

I'm moving houses, Can I move my panels?

Yes, you’ll just need to get in touch with us and we’ll take care of it.

How do I maintain and service my panels?

The process is very simple! We will on board you on how to take care of your panels and ensure maximum output at all times, it is as simple as routine cleaning. We also offer maintenance services for a small annual fee.

Are the panels guaranteed?

Yes, we closely monitor your panels’ performance and their performance is 100% guaranteed for 25 years for their yearly output which will be shared in your proposal.

Does my system come with a battery?

With the net metering scheme, the national grid is your battery, thus there is no need for batteries for your system.